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50 Things a Writer Shouldn’t Do

originally published on 11/9/2009 DH: A list recently published in The New York Times by a noted restaurateur gave 100 rules for what service staff should not do. I thought a list of 50 things that writers shouldn't do would give us all a chance to vent. I'm contributing 10 items. Some of these pet Read more...

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A Discussion of William Eggleston’s Guide

Dennis Haritou: JR, I had come across a remark about William Eggleston to the effect that he was a pioneer in the use of color in serious art photography. Since I don’t know very much about photography but wanted to improve my knowledge, I picked up a copy of William Eggleston’s Guide, which is considered Read more...

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First 1000 Words – Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois

There was, of course, no possibility that Lily had actually been involved in any of this; Andrew’s confidence on that point was part of what had made the situation seem, initially, not catastrophic. The accusation was so ghastly and so wild and so patently, transparently, ludicrous that he’d nearly Read more...

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First 1000 Words – Nest of Worlds by Marek S. Huberath

The Only Version All things defined, distinct. Black and white, zero and one. Here is song and song alone. 1 The thuds of the stabilizers stopped; the plane came to rest on the runway. The roar of the engines changed in tone and finally died. But the thunder continued in Gavein’s head; its incessancy Read more...

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