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3G1B THREE GUYS ONE BOOK originated as a way for three friends in the book business - Jason Chambers, Jason Rice and Dennis Haritou — to talk about books together. Featuring short reviews of stories and novels, publishing news, photography, and the popular 3G1B group discussion, the site launched in early 2008 with a conversation about Mark Sarvas’ Harry, Revised. In early 2009, Jonathan Evison, whose debut novel All About Lulu was another of the 3G1B early group efforts, accepted an invitation to become the mysterious “fourth guy.” Today, 3G1B has developed to include guest posts from writers and publishing personalities, extensive interviews, even more reviews, and most popularly, “conversations” in which the four guys opine on subjects such as ebooks, writing techniques, bookselling, p.r., and the future of publishing.

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First 1000 Words – Echo of the Boom by Maxwell Neely-Cohen

They were all born after the fall of the wall but before the fall of the towers….

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On the way home from the airport, at the roundabout of Ikeja bus stop, where the late…

First 1000 Words – Nest of Worlds by Marek S. Huberath

The Only Version All things defined, distinct. Black and white, zero and one. Here is song and…

First 1000 Words – The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris

Chapter 1 Chani. Baruch. November 2008 – London The bride stood like a pillar of salt, rigid…


We’ve got three books to give to our readers this week.

When We Fell In Love – Lydia Crichton

It’s a funny thing, this love of writing. For me, it’s a passion that involves an unquenchable thirst for learning coupled with a fascination for the intricacies of expression: a burning desire to find the exact right word. This devotion is also married to the need to explore important issues, but present them in an accessible way that will appeal to a broad audience: To tell entertaining stories rooted in complex, controversial and important issues that affect—and will for some time continue to affect—millions of lives.