Guest Posts

Jonathan Evison – Accepting the Charges

Molly got pregnant two months after we met. The next week I left for Greece.You see, there was this other girl, her name was Sarah. She had freckles and a big messy head of hair and she liked to drink red wine and get naked and paint bowls of fruit. Sarah once loved me madly, a long time ago in Tucson, but I hadn’t loved her back. She was living in Athens now, where she drank red wine and got naked and painted bowls of fruit, just as she had in Tucson. I don’t know what made me change my mind about loving Sarah, but I did.

One Play by Ron F. Currie JR.

Growing up in New England I remember the horror show that became the every waking moment part of life the day after Game 6 of that World Series. The fans were bitterly disappointed, crushed, and when I went to school that morning it seemed like a day long wake. Mr. Currie takes this moment and bends it into fiction, having his narrator tell the reader what it is like to be the son of a much hated baseball player. There is a palpable odor that rises from this work that seems to blister and crack when you finish reading how the Father (really Bill Buckner) can’t seem to get it together the next season and turns to alcohol for medication.