Crop Milk by Natalie Edwards

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Crop Milk – Natalie Edwards (mini book – download)

I have to say that these mini books which you can download from the Featherproof site are just amazing, really something to seek out, and they are free. I found the folks over at Featherproof with Scorch Atlas, AM/PM, and the sterling prose of Lindsay Hunter, and by the way, watch for Lindsay’s book this September, its called Daddy’s.

In Natalie Edwards mini book, Crop Milk, we’re blistered with statistics about food-borne illness, and who is the biggest offender of the well known family restaurants. I like this kind of stuff, I want to know more, and it’s nice to learn something. Which is more than I already know, don’t eat anything you haven’t prepared. I did not know, however, of the rare violation that Waffle House has committed called ‘Pigeon Grill’, where a pigeon actually lives under the grill where the eggs, hamsteaks and other breakfast items are prepared. Now, I know pigeons don’t live under grills, I’m not stupid, but Waffle House is a restaurant located primarily in the South, where, things can and do go sideways. Employee Maryanne gets asked to open the cabinet under the grill, by customer Lucy McLoone, as it’s company procedure to allow customers of Waffle House to inspect the area where their food is prepared, so this leads me to believe that even if it sucks, you know, what you’re seeing get made on the grill, at least you know it before you jam it down your throat. Inspector Boone, who is on hand to keep Waffle House under his thumb, you know, to keep violations low, and he is shocked not only by the bird’s presence, but by how fat it is. But this isn’t a pigeon; it’s a dove (that changes things, right?), which manager Robert Vaughters claims arrived before he was transferred to the store, which would explain why the bird is so fat, (it’s been a feast for this dove, Thanksgiving everyday, and it’s been there for a while). But remember, birds carry disease, so, if you’re asking me, this bird needs to go, and go now.

So the bird goes. Where? Well, that wouldn’t be sporting of me now would it? I adored this little gem, it’s a perfect object, a whopper of a story, alive and breathing with details, names, places, smells, and moments, some good, some not so good. The great thing is, you’re only a few clicks of the mouse away from finding out what happens to the dove. –JR


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