Notable New Releases 4/5/2011

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Will Allison
Published by: Free Press
Upon reading Will Allison’s second novel, I was struck by how much it felt like an intense fictional cousin to Darin Strauss’ Half a Life.
Blake Butler
Published by: Harper Perennial
Go to a bookstore now and hold this book in your hands. The design is so good, you’ll have to buy it. The story – I’m still reading – but I’ve never read anything quite like it. Check out JR’s review of Butler’s Scorch Atlas.
Meg Wolitzer
Published by: Riverhead Hardcover
“Meg Wolitzer, like Tom Perrotta, is an author who makes you wonder why more people don’t write perceptive, entertaining, unassuming novels about how and why ordinary people choose to make decisions about their lives. – Nick Hornby
Sergei Dovlatov
Published by: Counterpoint
This was published in English by Grove back in 1990, just about the time of Dovlatov’s death. He seems to be largely forgotten in the US, but this looks interesting. Several of his older, out of print novels look enticing as well, and might make nice additions to a small press interested in foreign reprints.
Marisa Silver
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Trade paperback edition of the short story collection by the author of the excellent The God of War.
David Goodwillie
Published by: Scribner
Elise Blackwell
Published by: Unbridled Books
Elise is a friend here at Three Guys One Book, as are so many of the folks at Unbridled. I read this book while in Vienna last summer. A lovely, musical novel.
Sara Gruen
Published by: Spiegel & Grau
Well timed paperback released to coincide with the film Water for Elephants featuring friend of the blog Robert Pattinson.


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