Three Years of Three Guys + Really Cool Giveaway

Yes, it’s been three years since we rolled out this blog. Since April 28, 2008 we’ve reviewed some 450 books, interviewed dozens of authors, and had more than 60 authors contribute to our When We Fell In Love series. We’ve also welcomed JE as the fourth guy and Morgan, Jennifer, Tory and Chris on board as regular contributors. If you want to relive the good old days, check out our very first post, a three part review of Mark Sarvas’s novel Harry, Revised.

When We Fell In Love – Steve Himmer

As soon as I could read, I was obsessive. At night, after my parents put me to bed, I crept across the floor to the hallway light so I could spend a little while longer with Encyclopedia Brown or the Three Investigators or Tintin. If I got caught —and I usually did —I was sent back to bed with only the mildest scolding, because how mad can you get at a kid who’s transgressing for more time with books?

Humankind by Tom Bernardin + Mark Tutssel

The folks at Leo Burnett are doing things in a compelling fashion, poignantly, and with a 360 degree global reach. Some of the companies they worked with are the cause of obesity and alcoholism, death by car. Even the Allstate advertisement is great, but is it like the Volkswagen advertisement that Don loves? Then Roger walks in and says, “99 cents, someone thought of that” You know, something for nothing? Is that what insurance is?

Notable New Releases 4/26/2011

1) We Had It So Good
Linda Grant
Published by: Scribner
“My only complaint? I fear I may not read a better book all year.” -The Evening Standard

Invasion of the Book Snatchers

As I approached the ceiling height bookshelves I was relieved to see that my cloth bound books were safe. They’re in a closed network, just me and the writer. There were about a thousand writers on those shadowed shelves in their beautifully washed-out cloth covers. The writers’ lives extended out over centuries and continents in an complex and unique combination of creative intelligences that only I could have devised. Because of all the libraries in the world, no library looks just like mine, just like no library looks just like yours. And I thought of all the libraries all over the world that night, none of which looked exactly like mine, each with it’s unique take on the human adventure. And I wanted to protect them all.

The Sisters Brothers Giveaway

Thanks to our friends at Ecco (they’ve had a great year for fiction, haven’t they?), we’ve got five copies of The Sisters Brothers ready to giveaway. So tell us about a favorite western novel, and by “western” I don’t just mean the genre, I mean the territory, so there’s a lot of literary turf available. On Monday, I’ll pick five winners at random from the entries.