Ambition & the Writer

Your real opponents and the smartest ones, are those that cultivate an indifference to your work and the people who were born indifferent. But we know that those who were born indifferent to literature are dead to the world, so they don’t count. Writers know that the world consists of an arrangement of letters, letters that live and breathe and cry out and sing.

Some People Must Really Fall In Love by Emma Straub

Amy is smitten with Paul, a student who, in her words, has seen enough of the Ohio sun to make his hair the color of straw, and his eyes the color of cold water, from a pond. What does cold water look like? It is a great question, but a little bit quaint.

Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich, Rabbit at Rest by John Updike

Harry leaves his wife and son at the start, which left me wondering where it was going, but he comes back. Harry is obsessed with getting laid, not uncommon in a marriage, but Updike digs into Harry for a long time, examining his former basketball career, (redone by Franzen in Freedom, if anyone other than me and Kakutani were paying attention).

P.E. by Victor Lodato

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a New Yorker story and there have been one or two near misses in the past several months. I’m glad I waited. You think that maybe this is the one but you’re not absolutely sure. Then you strike a pen that’s seems to write in liquid gold instead of ink and you are absolutely sure. So my advice, story lovers, is to wait for the real thing. Don’t compromise.

The March Pile

I finally got my hands on the much talked about Other People We Married by Emma Straub, and it sits quietly on my desk like a coiled snake. She’s everywhere, and seems to be more plugged in with what’s going on in the book world than almost anyone I know.

Over There

Three Guys One Book has more readers in New York City than any other place. But one of the places that we have a concentration of readers is London. Three Guys is read in over 50 countries. That’s not such a big deal for a noted book blog. Most book blogs of some reputation have a global readership.