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NW by Zadie Smith, Part 1

Zadie Smith’s characters are like sparrows trapped in a pedestrian tunnel. No matter how often they fly at the glass partitions, trying to find the sky that will liberate them, they can never figure out that you have to fly down a staircase before you can fly up. They’re utterly, vividly drawn characters, totally themselves every minute of the day. But that does not help them at all.

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When We Fell In Love – Shann Ray

When I met Jenn we agreed to read the ten major books that had most influenced our individual lives. I wasn’t much of a reader then, twenty-five years ago. In fact, when we exchanged our books she’d already read each of mine, while I had read none of hers. She, with her fresh horizons, broke my every resistance, and changed me in ways I needed to be changed

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When We Fell In Love – Mark Safranko

It was the 1950s, Trenton, New Jersey. Gray. Dismal. Depressing. Trenton isn’t New York or Philadelphia, but rather a poor relation, and like many other grungy northeastern municipalities that have seen their best days pass into history, it was a city long on its way south. Aside from The Bible and those gossip rags, there wasn’t anything else in sight to read. Instead, we had the Friday Night Fights and The Honeymooners on the old black and white Zenith. The word culture was never uttered.

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Dinaw Mengestu Giveaway

Dinaw Mengestu’s gotten plenty of press lately due to the buzz around his new book How to Read The Air, and his concurrent appearance on the New Yorker’s 20 under 40 list. The new book, releasing in October, has been listed everywhere as one of the books to read for the fall.

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