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Chourmo by Jean-Claude Izzo

Fabio Montale, the detective hero of Total Chaos, lives in Les Goudes, a sort-of harbor enclave removed from central Marseilles. You could be excused for thinking it’s an isolated village but it’s actually an urban district of the city. It seems remote but it isn’t. Like Fabio, who seems remote but he isn’t. Private but not remote. Both the village and the man.

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Interview With Todd Robinson

Christ, I haven’t been to a bar in Boston in waaaay too many years. I’ve lived in New York for almost 2 decades and my family all live on the south coast of Massachusetts. Sadly, I don’t get into Boston proper too much other than to catch a rare Sox game. As it is, The Cellar is my love letter to a Boston that isn’t there any more. Or if it is, the totems of MY youth are now long gone and the new spots are a mystery to me.

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Total Chaos by Jean-Claude Izzo

My favorite part of these crime sprees are when the guys get together to burn cash. They’re a wolf pack of marauders, wearing beautiful clothes, driving cool cars, eating in great restaurants. Tasting all the luxe material treasures that their training, education and professional skills don’t entitle them to. Instead of peering through the glass at what society’s insiders have, they’ve broken through the glass.

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Hard Bounce by Todd Robinson

If Tom Wells ‘8mm’ met the McManus brothers ‘Boondock Saints’ for a picnic, during which, they slammed down a couple shots of Jack with a brass-knuckle sandwich…you’d get Robinson’s take on vigilante justice best served by Boo Malone and Junior…the heavy-handed duo in The Hard Bounce.

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Funfair by Ferdinand von Schirach

The economy of this story, the sheer speed of the prose, is breathtaking. There isn’t a moment wasted, a sentence too heavy with metaphor, or a silly cliché. A girl brings over a few drinks, gravity teaches a lesson and presto, we have an awful, awful crime.

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Interview with Roger Smith

Then I fell in love with a woman who grew up on the Cape Flats, the sprawling mixed-race ghetto that is home to more than two-thirds of Cape Town’s population, and the stories she told me and the people she introduced me to changed my vision of Cape Town forever.

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