Hollywood Frame by Frame by Karina Longworth

I have come to a conclusion that of all the information with which I am plagued, I…

Why We Love What We Do – Eric Obenauf – Two Dollar Radio

I was bartending at the time, earning more money than I really deserved. The bar was across the street from the harbor. Apart from the local crowd, the bar catered to the out-of-town yuppies on their way to or from sport-fishing trips, and the uber-wealthy who’d get tanked on their sailboats in the morning and stop by for a drink after coming ashore, still rocking on their sea-legs. Rich old men don’t like to get cut off by the snotty-nosed bartender.

What's a Novel For?

DH: The literate media has recently brought the criticism of Richard Poirier to my attention. I picked…