James Joyce

When We Fell In Love – Max Neely-Cohen

Even though I did not fall in love with writing until I was 19, I always loved…

The Most Dangerous Book by Kevin Birmingham

The Most Dangerous Book, The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses, should be understood as broader than you…

When We Fell In Love – Robert Anasi

It’s hard to underestimate the damage Joyce did to the novel. So many difficult books, for so many years. The list of victims is long – from John Dos Passos to Malcolm Lowry, John Barth and Gilbert Sorrentino, and that’s just in English. I came to the cult late but it still took me a decade after college to free myself – my (unpublished, unpublishable) first novel has an entire chapter written in stream-of-consciousness interspersed with the lingo of short-order cooks (really). The writing isn’t terrible, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.

When We Fell In Love – Greg Olear

I did everything short of selling a kidney to get out of the “major author” prerequisite necessary to graduate from Georgetown with a bachelor’s in English literature, but after suffering through Shakespeare, I had no choice but to submit to a dourer DWEM. Lucky thing, because Milton turned out to be the best class I took in college, and Paradise Lost superior, in my view, to anything composed by the more-celebrated Stratford-upon-Avon Bard.

Wherefore Print-On-Demand by Marc Schuster

JC: Usually when readers have something to say to us, they put it in the comments or…