Jason Rice

The Misfortune of Marion Palm by Emily Culliton

I had a chance to meet and talk to Emily Culliton this past summer during a busy…

A Discussion of William Eggleston’s Guide

Dennis Haritou: JR, I had come across a remark about William Eggleston to the effect that he…

Inside by Alix Ohlin

Just when you think a thread of this story is complete, you turn the page and discover another angle. By the time we get to Hollywood with Anne, where the book hits it stride, I began comparing this novel to the brilliant Eat the Document. When I finished that book, I was begging for another hundred pages. With Inside, and Anne, I would have gone on to War & Peace lengths just to see how Anne turned nothing into something.

Gently Read Literature

Just when I thought there was nothing more fantastic Good Reads could do for me Daniel Casey asked me to write a review for the great Baby and other stories. Check out this great journal.

Interview with Mark Safranko

I don’t think I could presume to answer that question given that American society is so extraordinarily complicated today and growing increasingly so by the day. It’s very difficult to follow a dream nowadays, but maybe that’s always been the case. Certainly the economics militate against it. It seems to me that there are more people than ever attempting to escape a straitjacket and yet because of the economy we’re more tied than ever to the great economic monsters for survival.

Interview with Hannah Pittard

So many people have asked me about what really happened? Which is funny. What happened is what’s on the page. The point is, what actually happened doesn’t matter because what matters is the boys and what the boys believe happened. What matters is that this group of boys focused their entire lives on someone else rather than on themselves…