Hollywood Frame by Frame by Karina Longworth

I have come to a conclusion that of all the information with which I am plagued, I…

A Discussion of William Eggleston’s Guide

Dennis Haritou: JR, I had come across a remark about William Eggleston to the effect that he…

Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

The kid on page 11: In striped 50’s tee and slicked-down hair. What is he, 13? He’s down the corner from a crap town bar called the Minute Tavern. Can you imagine yourself going into a bar called the Minute Tavern? On his left a pile of ash cans on the street. You have to be tough on the street and this kid knows it. He glares a swagger into the camera. “Can I take your picture, kid?”

Empty LA by Matt Logue

I first saw Matt Logue’s photographs in an email from Very Short List, (if you aren’t signed up to that service, you should). There isn’t a whole lot that can be done with photography anymore, now that digital imagery has taken hold of the process. I recently went back to a 35mm film camera after years working with digital. There’s sharpness with film that is somehow missing from digital, it’s hard to explain, and I’m not trying to be a snob here, just a realist.

I always wondered when you'd come back.

Photography by Jason Rice

You Decide

Photography by Jason Rice