Stewart O’Nan

When We Fell In Love – Mark Falkin

I am not the writer whose backstory includes always having my nose in a book. Most author…

West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan

What a sad story. A fictionalized tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last years, it is even sadder…

Jonathan Evison's Favorite Books of 2012

2012 was one of the best book years I can remember. So much great stuff crossed my desk this year, and I still haven’t touched some of the year’s most talked about fiction– Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son, Louise Erdrich’s The Round House, A.M Homes’ May We Be Forgiven, Peter Mountford’s A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism, and Lauren Groff’s Arcadia, all of which are on my plate for 2013. Nonetheless, I read a ton of great fiction this year, which made compiling this list a tall order.

The Odds by Stewart O'Nan

JE: It’s no secret around here that I’ve long been a big fan of Stewart O’Nan. In his…

Emily Alone by Stewart O'Nan

Like Steinbeck (and Dickens and Twain), O’Nan writes about “the little people.” He’s a bard for the blue collar, reporting on the quiet and sometimes desperate lives of decent folks who may not be making headlines with their heroism, but in whom we recognize ourselves with a clarity that is all too rare in modern literature

JE Previews Five Books He's Excited About in 2011

Here’s five titles forthcoming this winter/spring that I’ve read in galley, and am really excited about, and pleased as punch to bang my drum for–so much so, that I’ve asked the publishers for giveaway copies. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the giveaways, and probably some When We Fell in Love posts from the authors of these excellent novels, three of which are debuts, and couldn’t be more different from one another.