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Eileen by Otessa Moshfegh

Boston writer Ottessa Moshfegh new novel Eileen was a 2015 Book Expo America Buzz book and I…

Why I Collect Real Books III

Lately I’ve been partial to American realism, specifically Richard Yates, John Cheever and John Updike. I don’t have any first editions from this gang, but different editions of their paperbacks. I keep the Rabbit trilogy handy, as it really keeps my creative juices flowing while writing my own book. In the picture I have here, the four books are watched over by a shadowy Paul Auster. My collection is my own, sort of unique, based in nothing more than my tastes, which I think is how all collections should be.

Why I Collect Real Books II

In the years I was collecting Ford, he wrote a story that appeared in the New Yorker about his relationship with Raymond Carver. A small press in England printed a limited staple bound run, and I bought one. Ford was happy to sign it. I was shaking when I met him, I don’t know why, just nerves. I told him how much I loved his collection Rock Springs, and specifically the story Rock Springs, and the last paragraph. Ford recited that last paragraph word for word and I nearly broke down in tears. I may never meet him again, but that was a really nice moment.

JR's Pick 1/14/11

The Radleys is a vampire novel, and it is amazing. Totally riveting, funny whimsical and un-put-downable (that’s a phrase I saw in the New York Times Book Review…) I am savoring this, really, I know you are laughing right now, because I can sometimes be a literary snob.