Month: June 2011

American Masculine by Shann Ray

JE: We’ve come to expect amazing things from Graywolf, who can stand toe to toe with any shop in the business when it comes to editorial voice–to wit, in the past few months alone we’ve covered Ben Percy’s excellent The Wilding, and Alan Heathcock’s electrifying collection Volt.…

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Tea Obreht Wins Orange Prize

Just like it says in the headline. If you aren’t familiar, you could read any or all of these: The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht Part One The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht Part Two The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht Part Three Interview with Tea Obreht Here’s part of what the Orange Prize Site has to say: Bettany Hughes, Chair of Judges, said: “‘The Tiger’s Wife is an exceptional book and Téa Obreht is a truly exciting new talent.…

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Notable New Releases 6/6/2011

1) State of Wonder Ann Patchett “[A] superbly rendered novel[.][…]Patchett’s portrayal is as wonderful as it is frightening and foreign. Patchett exhibits an extraordinary ability to bring the horrors and the wonders of the Amazon jungle to life, and her singular characters are wonderfully drawn.…

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