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We’ve got three books to give to our readers this week: Our Frail Blood – This is a finished copy. Read this week’s review of OFB Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, David Sedaris Essays (on sale 4-13) Advanced Reading Copy The Shanghai Factor, Charles McCarry (on sale 6-13) If you want one, drop a line to…

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When We Fell in Love – Lane Heymont

Lane Heymont is the author of The Freedman and The Pharaoh’s Staff (Sunbury Press/February 2013). Inspired by Frederick Douglass and the slave narratives passed down by his parents as well as stories of the Holocaust, Heymont explores the damaging effects of racism in past, present and future, but that also addresses the lack of minority and mixed race characters in the fantasy genre by introducing a diverse palette of characters torn between encrusted beliefs and the healing power of unity when we rise beyond prejudice to fight for freedom, equality, and human dignity against all odds.…

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