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Interview with Joshua Henkin

Good fiction is always about the particular, never about the general. The critic may tell you that Toni Morrison is writing about African American women, but she isn’t. She’s writing about Sula. Tim O’Brien isn’t writing about the Vietnam War; he’s writing about Jimmy Cross. Updike isn’t writing about New England WASPs; he’s writing about Rabbit Angstrom.

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Interview with Benjamin Wood

I did not attend the university, but I lived in Cambridge for three years, which was about how long it took to write the novel. Walking around the place, it is difficult to ignore the monuments to history that surround you. It is a greatly inspiring environment for someone who values the importance of learning, as I do, but it is also an overwhelming place for someone who is not an invited member of that world—the colleges are mostly walled off and unavailable to non-members, and there’s a feeling that you’ll somehow never be completely connected with it, as much as you peer in from the outside.

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Interview with Emily St John Mandel

We’re undeniably obscure in this culture. The overwhelming majority of “famous novelists” are only really famous within the literary world; my suspicion is that a poll of the general population would report that Snooki has a higher level of name-recognition than, say, Jennifer Egan. I think of my audience as anyone who likes their fiction both literary and plot-driven.

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