It’s embarrassing. What I have in front of me would shock you.

First, Maria Semple has a new book about to hit shelves, Where’d You Go Bernadette, (Little Brown), and if you follow the blog, you know I love Maria in a sisterly way.

I have stubbed my toe on a new imprint at Penguin, Blue Rider Press, maybe there was some big to do, a party, which I wasn’t invited to, but that’s okay. Two books from the press that caught my eye, Swimming Studies, Leanne Shapton, on sale now, and it got that great daily NYT review. It’s a smashing little package. Then there is the new Bruce Wagner. It’s a doorstop, and I remember a time when it was a really big deal that he had a new book. I mean, it still is for me…I’m so glad to have a copy of Dead Stars, also a brilliant package.

Tatjana Soli has a new novel, The Forgetting Tree, (St. Martins Press, 9-12), we’re big fans of Ms. Soli here on the blog, and it’s on top of the pile.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos, (Mysterious Press, 9-12), it’s supposed to be a bad ass thriller, like snatch your breath away, in a good way.

Paula Bomer has another book, Nine Months, (Soho Press) coming out this month. I loved Baby & Other Stories, loved it. This looks like another Yates-ian trip down the baby spout.

Finally, The Last Policeman (Quirk) on sale right now. This is a blistering little story about the end of the world, and what should you care? It’s not every day that a novel about the end of the world comes out. Right?

Wait, I lied, that’s not it. Diving Belles, by Lucy Wood, (Mariner) on sale right now. I’ve heard great things, from booksellers and bloggers.

Okay, finally, if you’ve read this far, you’re in luck. I will give away one advance reading copy of We’re Flying by Peter Stamm (Other Press 8-12) to the first person that emails me, include your details. I loved this collection, it’s fast and loose and scary as all hell.

Wait, one more. Love Slave by the newcomer Jennifer Spiegel, (Unbridled Press, 9-12), this looks like a winner, something cool, and interesting.